BOHEMIA Cares will host a Self-Love & Soft Skills Summer Enrichment Program in two locations. The program will serve forty-eight youth ages 8-17.

The purpose is to promote self-love, harmony, and peace. We are striving toward becoming a change agent for loving thy self and exhibiting positive behaviors as a result. Why Self-Love? We believe that self-love has not been promoted enough in our society. We are experiencing high rates of mental illness, deaths, and criminal acts. Our children’s school days are interrupted with numerous acts of violence by way of bullying on a daily basis. We will identify the connections between mental illness, bullying, and social emotional learning. Furthermore, we aim to reduce the prevalence of those negative issues in our day-to-day interactions, whether it is at school, at work, or in our neighborhoods. We will have daily structured lessons and activities. Professional presenters and speakers will invoke attendees to interact in a more socially acceptable way. We will teach and reinforce positive behaviors that are beneficial to our emotional and physical well-being. Below are the outcomes for our SEP:

  • Soft Skills Training

    • Increased academic achievement

    • Better performance outcomes in school and in the workplace

  • Self-Love Awareness

    • Self-awareness

    • Self-acceptance

    • Self-appreciation

    • Self-care

    • Self-management

  • Improve Quality of Life

    • Mental Health Awareness

      • Learn the signs

      • Identify resources

    • Anti-Bullying Awareness

      • Better decision-making

      • Decrease in acts of violence

      • Decrease in bullying

    • Social and Emotional Learning

      • Exhibit self-control

      • Positive social interactions and connections

      • Increased school attendance


*Participants will be served a nutritious lunch.

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