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She's More Than A Conqueror

Shontell B Williams

Lady Aura Royal Supreme

Born in raised in Miami, FL, Shontell who is also known as Lady Aura Royal Supreme has spent almost a lifetime journaling about her many experiences in life. She has expertise in providing support to those who are experiencing hardship, lost in discovering purpose, or simply need a boost in their self-esteem. She has conquered many trials & tribulations vanquishing suicide,homelessness, and an identity crisis. Shontell specializes in bringing out the best in others, taking pride in promoting self-love. She is often referred to as, the 'resource lady.' Shontell is a beacon of light. Lifting any and everyone's spirit.

As a rainmaker she helps raise funds for charities & provides qualitative resources to help the public. All while serving as a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Advisor, Queentor, Upcoming Author and a Community/Suicide Prevention Advocate. She developed a knack for motivating women at a soul level making it her life's mission to both empower and educate the Black Female Community. Conquering a great deal of hardship, qualifies her when serving others in their decision makings. She's a problem solver, purpose-driven and a woman of results. Shontell has a preeminent glow about herself & wears her crown well. Some of her amazing personal qualities are outstanding communication skills, honesty, interpersonal skills & ability to work in harmony.

In her leisure time, she's committed to reading, dancing, traveling, singing and spending time with love ones. She has a penchant for art & history. You can brush shoulders with her at any museum. She enjoys learning about art & cultural differences. She adores celebrating others' wins and linking with her girls for a glass of wine or champagne. Current practices are the law of attraction, yoga, meditation & metaphysics.

Shontell says, her greatest accomplishment is living life vigorously after the pain.

Shontell Williams

Shontell Williams

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