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Verlancia Tucker is the founder of BOHEMIA Cares, a nonprofit organization in Pulaski County, Arkansas. She dedicates her time to uplift, motivate, and inspire people in her circle and beyond. She understands that empowering others produces high self-worth and self-esteem for herself. She is devoted to sharing love and providing programs that help others become better socially, morally, and academically. She has earned a Master of Secondary Education degree from UA-Little Rock. She has also earned dual bachelor's degrees in business administration with majors in Advertising-Public Relations and Marketing from UA-Little Rock. She has served in an educational administrative role as a Public School Program Advisor for the Arkansas Department of Career Education's Career Guidance office. She holds a business technology license and taught Keyboarding in the North Little Rock School District. She is endorsed to teach English as a Second Language and Career Orientation. She also taught in the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District. After working for nine years in the public school system and more than 10 years of mentoring at different companies, she organized BOHEMIA Cares. Her primary goal was to create programs that served the entire family because traditional educational institutions did not adequately support parents and/or caregivers.  


Verlancia's success did not come without trials. Major depression and anxiety altered her life on different occasions. She shares her story and advocates for mental health and self-love. Self-love is personal to her because she had to find and activate it within herself before she discovered peace in her life. She did not let her setbacks, negative experiences, or challenges stop her. Verlancia is determined to erase the stigma attached to mental health counseling. She desires to help others who suffer in silence. She states that she continues to heal by sharing her story. She delights in knowing that she discovered her purpose (BOHEMIA Cares) which has given her opportunities to empower individuals and help others become a better version of themselves.  

Empowering, rebuilding, reconnecting, and strengthening the entire family is a priority for BOHEMIA Cares. Our programs allow individuals and families to talk about mental illness in safe spaces without judgment or negative stigma.

Approximately 1 in 5 or 43.7 million adults in the United States experience mental illness each year.

Source: National Association of Behavioral Health

Arkansas is ranked 43rd with a 20.73% prevalence of adult mental illness.

Source: State of Mental Health in America 2020 - Mental Health America

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